Podcasting Kit

We've spent a lot of time looking for high-quality gear that is also compact and affordable. Note that you don't need a computer in order to record your voice. We've found that unless you dedicate a computer to recording, and don't mess with the settings in-between recordings, using a standalone system produces more consistent results. You don't want to finish a recording only to find out you had the "Mute Input" checkbox checked. We hear stories like this all the time. Only the preamp requires AC power. The recording device uses a single AA battery which lasts a long time. Check out our videos on how to use the podcasting kit.


Item  MSRP* Description
iRiver T30-1G 149.99 Small 1GB Flash Recording Device. Batteries last a long time. Portable. Line-In for recording from any audio source.
Audio Technica AT2020 169.00 This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone suitable for recording vocals in professional recordings.
Behringer Mic Preamp 64.99 Mic preamp with phantom power. Sounds great, and its easy to operate.
Desktop Boom Stand 33.00 A nice compact desktop boom mic stand.
5' Mic Cable 19.99 A great mic cable. Not so long that it gets tangled.
Shure Pop Filter 29.49 This is the best pop filter we've used. Catches more pops and does not disturb the sound.
Sennheiser Headphones 34.95 Closed headphones prevent the source audio from leaking into the microphone. These sound almost as good as our $500 Sennheiser mixing headphones.
Total MSRP: 501.41 You can get the Podcasting Kit from Caruso Music for about $420. You can reach them at 860-442-9600.
* Prices as of July 28, 2006

How-to video

Part One - Hardware

Watch this video on how to set up the podcasting kit and make a good recording. It is just under 12 minutes long.


Hardware (Streaming Video) Streaming Windows Media video (try this first)
Hardware (Download) This is a downloadable version.


Part Two - Software

This video shows you how to copy files from the iRiver recording device onto your hard drive. Once you have the file, you can upload it to Pwop for podcasting!


TechSmith Camtasia Codec

Download this first!

You need this to watch the videos below. It's small and installs quickly.

Software (Download) Install the above codec and then download this short video that shows you how to install the iRiver software and copy files from the device to your PC.

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