About Pwop

In August, 2002, Pwop CEO Carl Franklin started producing .NET Rocks!, a weekly talk show for computer programmers. He published links to the mp3 files on a website, and developed a loyal following of listeners.

On November 15, 2004, Franklin started a comedy podcast called Mondays, capturing the essence of dragging one's self to work on Monday morning. The show is a moderate success, at a download rate of about 40,000 per month. Mondays has become an underground favorite among fans of .NET Rocks!, as well as other non-programmer geeks.

In October, 2004, Franklin learned about podcasting and created RSS feeds so that podcasting enthusiasts could take advantage of the new technology. In calendar year 2005, NET Rocks! was downloaded 1.5 million times.

He quickly realized, based on the quality of podcasts at the time, that pulling off a consistently good podcast was not easy. So, he created Pwop Productions in February, 2005, to offer professional podcasting and audio services to the business world.

Microsoft was the first customer.

Main Function Audio To Go was an interview show with educator Pat Phillips. It was podcasted to educators all over the world from the MSDN Academic Alliance.

In January, 2006, Franklin created two new in-house podcasts also focused on the .NET development community:

Hanselminutes is a weekly discussion with web developer and technologist Scott Hanselman on a variety of topics that programmers as well as non-programmer nerds care about.

dnrTV is a weekly screencast for .NET developers. Often guests of .NET Rocks! will be on dnrTV to show how to utilize the technology they talk about.

The next customer was Eastern Mountain Sports with a podcast called Blue Pizza, A Fresh Dish on Life as an Outdoor Athlete. Blue Pizza went live in May, 2006 and is enjoying a steady rise in popularity.

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